About Harris County Probate Court #2

Ray Black for JudgeWith concerns about elder care and the preservation of a lifetime of accumulated assets on the minds of those with aging parents, statutory probate courts are vitally important.

One of only a handful of these courts in Texas, Harris County Probate Court No. 2, oversees thousands of estate, guardianship, and trust administration cases. Vested with jurisdiction over all probate, guardianship, and many trust related issues, as well as overseeing an active litigation docket, Harris County Probate Court No. 2 exercises wide influence over the rights of Harris County residents.

Contrary to common belief, a probate court exists to assist the living, not the dead, so a probate judge needs a depth of knowledge over a wide range of legal issues.  With 23 years in practice exclusively focusing on complex estate, guardianship, trust, and fiduciary litigation cases, Ray Black has that expertise, the demeanor, and the compassion to serve the citizens of Harris County on this court.

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